Peer Panjal hills, forest of 170 KM... 'Operation Garrol' of the terror's week in the caves of Kokarnag'

Today is the sixth day of the ongoing operation against the terrorists at Kokernagh, Anantnag. Security forces have recovered the body of a terrorist. Now the search for the dead bodies of other terrorists continues. Let us know why it took the army six days to eliminate the terrorists in Kokarnag?

Peer Panjal hills, forest of 170 KM... 'Operation Garrol' of the terror's week in the caves of Kokarnag'

Today is the sixth day of the encounter with the terrorists in Kokarnagh of Anantnagh, Jammu and Kashmir. The army bombed drones and rocket launchers on terrorists hidden on forests and hills. Firing towards terrorists has started this morning once again. Security forces have also recovered the body of a terrorist today which was burnt. 

On the basis of the pattern of clothing on the body, the security personnel believe that the burnt body belongs to the terrorist. Security forces started a search operation this morning to locate the bodies of terrorists, who were seen elsewhere via drones. Earlier on Sunday, there was a fierce firing between security forces and terrorists in that area. However, there was no firing today from the terrorists since this morning.  

The geographical location of Kokarnag is challenging 

Actually it is very challenging to carry out operations in wooded areas like Kokarnag. The boggolic conditions here are such that terrorists cannot be easily reached. That is why drones were used to target the whereabouts of terrorists. Drones as well as helicopters have also been used. Army helicopters are monitoring the area, so that terrorists can be detected. 

Operation going on in the hills of Pir Panjal 

Defense experts point out that the encounter in the Kokarnag area of Anantnag comes in the hills of Pir Panjal. It is a region of about 170 kilometers extending from Muzaffarabad to Kishtwad. It is very difficult to find 2 to 3 terrorists in such a large area. This is the reason why security forces are having so much trouble. This place is a very safe place for terrorists. This hill is at 75-80 degrees elevation. There are also many caves here, in which the terrorists have built their base. In such circumstances they can ambush and attack the security forces. When terrorists live at the height of the mountains, they see the activity of the Indian Army easily. So this fight becomes easier for them.  

Changing the names of organizations Terrorists' strategy  

SP Vaidya, DGP of Jammu and Kashmir, said that Pakistan keeps changing its strategy regarding terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir from time to time. First Lashkar-e-Taiba, Hizbul Mujahideen and Jaish-e-Mohammed organizations spread their cadre. Recently, organizations like The Resistance Front and Kashmir Fighters are getting their names revealed. They know that Jaish and Lashkar have gone rogue in the world. So they do their activity by keeping a proxy name. 

Army started operation on 12 September 

The security forces started this operation against the terrorists at Kokarnag on 12 September, the next day in the encounter, Colonel Manpreet Singh of the army,  and DSP Humayun Bhat Major of Jammu and Kashmir Police, Ashish Dhonchak were martyred. After this, the terrorists fled from there. This operation has been carried out to search for these terrorists. It was reported that these terrorists also included Ujair Khan, the commander of a Lashkar-e-Taiba. 

'Why was 'Operation Garrol' named? 

Actually, the area where the terrorists are hiding is the village of Garrol in Kokarnag. For this reason, the army has named it 'Operation Garrol. 

Three in Baramula and one terrorist pile in Rajouri 

Also in Baramula, security forces piled up three terrorists in the encounter. These terrorists were trying to infiltrate near LoC in Uri sector, which was thwarted. Also, a terrorist was killed in the security forces encounter on Tuesday in Rajouri. An army soldier and female LeBrodor Dog Kent have also died in this.


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