Jawan Movie Review: A message with plenty of action and emotion, in which only Swag Shahrukh can bring!

Shahrukh Khan delivers all that in 'young', which was being promised since the time of Teaser. The film has a lot of action, emotion, solid moments with Hero's elevation. The message of the film is very important and Shahrukh delivers it throughout the swag. 


Shahrukh Khan's many brilliant looks, raw action, solid star cast and busted swag showers... 'young' The trailer had everything that filled a firm Indian cinema fan with an excitation to go to the theater. And after a long wait, after going to the Findley Theater, Feil feels that Shah Rukh and the director Attlee's pair have delivered more than they had shown. 

'In 'young', there are killer looks of Shahrukh, action scenes and emotions that set the screen on fire. But there are many things in the story of the film that will appeal to you as a citizen of this country, not just an audience. In the first 45 minutes, there is so much story in the script of 'young', which is not found even after spending the entire three hours in spice films many times.

'Story of 'Young'

The story of the film "Jawaan" begins with a train hijack. Hijacking ( Bald-looking Shahrukh ) has a demand to talk to the Minister of Agriculture in exchange for 376 passengers of the train. He asks for an amount from the Minister of Agriculture, which is not possible for the government to be able to enter within 5 minutes! But the hijacked metro train also has the daughter of a very large "business man" Kali ( Vijay Setupati ). The train hijacker advises that when the government can forgive the debts of the businessman, they can also seek help to save the life of the public trapped in the train. If this entire episode ends, the debts of 7 lakh farmers have been forgiven due to the amount of ransom. There is also a girl gang with the man in hijacking the train. They all have their own stories. 

This person, who has become a criminal in the eyes of the law, becomes a hero in the public eye. A modern Robinhood, helping the public by robbing money from a businessman. But is this man's act as it looks? Is there any other real motive behind this robbing? 

The task of stopping train hijacking has been given to a special force, which is leading Officer Narmada Rai ( Nayanatara ). Narmada is a single mother, but she wants to marry her daughter. In his life there is an entry of a female prison warden Azad ( Shahrukh ). But there are some secrets in the story of Azad. Does Azad have some connection with the train hijacker? 

The train hijacker mentioned his name in the ear of the businessman's daughter. Afterall, what is the story of this name? And why was Kali shaken after hearing this name? The trailer also had a special appearance of Deepika Padukone. What is their story? The film answers all these questions on screen.

'Young' message 

The film has several sub-plots that make up the whole story. There are many things in these small parts that you find in newspapers. Suicide of debt-ridden farmers, messing with people's health, poisoning of lives and the environment, allowing industries to act fearlessly. The story of the film also shows the level of corruption where army personnel with bad weapons lose their lives in an innocent manner in front of enemies. The stories of the other female characters along with the narmada make them much stronger, rather than forcing them.

Action and elevation

Atlee has given a very grand appearance on screen in his trademark style to Shahrukh's characters. With the life music of Anirudh Ravichandar, these characters get the elevation that makes the hero bigger than the cinema screen, not just reality. 

Shahrukh's action scene keeps you getting every little while from beginning to end in the entire film. There is a 10 minute sequence at the beginning of the film "Jawaan", in which the hero of the story is treated as if he is a superhero. While taking action, the way he displays his fighter skills, he makes him a superhuman. Every fight scene, every action block is a treat for a paved action lover viewer. 

Story treatment and minor problems

'Young' is a 2 hour 45 minute long film. But despite this long run time, it does not seem that something is meaningless. But somewhere to fit a lot of fun elements in the story, it seems that the film is running back and forth very fast. So when the film stops on a scene in Azad's childhood story, you can feel the emotions. At the end of this sequence, the audience itself can also be emotional. 

But this stagnation comes out of this sequence more than just. Children struggling with the lack of oxygen in the farmer's suicide sequence or hospital and fighting doctors for them needed a short stay. But perhaps the film's long runtime editor was ticking the mind as well. 'The climax of 'young' could have been a little better. Right now there is action as well as swag in it. But according to the background of the characters, as the emotional finale should have been found, the 'young' lag behind it a bit.

Actors Performance

The swag imagine that Attlee would have done for the 'young' hero, Shahrukh has brought him to the screen with full weight. Action or just things, Shahrukh's job keeps a full score maintained on Swag's meter. The most interesting thing is that the highlights here are not just 'superstar' Shahrukh, but 'actor' Shahrukh also gets a full chance to show their shine.

No one else could have seemed perfect from Nayanatara in the role of Special Officer. The stronger he is in this character, the more vulnable he becomes for a moment on the demand of the story. Vijay Setupati once again shows why his name is remembered by the very beginning as soon as he makes a list of the best actors in the country.

The supporting cast is also very solid in 'young. 'Wave Khan, who did a great film like 'Parched', appears here in a very emotional sub-plot. In his small part he has done solid work. Sanya Malhotra, Priyamani and Riddhi Dogra are also powerful in their characters. Sunil Grover keeps looking at him separately, although it would have been more fun to see his character a little more in the story. 

'Young' is a fully packed script. As much as it was trying to say, the film also manages to say it in a very effective manner. But the film also seems a bit too full to pack so many elements. However, there is no doubt that she has brought Shahrukh's best cinematic moments. 

'The larger the hero the 'young' shows his hero, taking him to the busted swag peak of Shahrukh. This is a film that will keep the applause and seats rain every 10-15 minutes, in the packed theaters.

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