Bollywood director vishal bhardwaj speaks on his film adaptation obsession of english novels

Vishal Bhardwaj, who works on making films inspired by English stories 

Bollywood director vishal bhardwaj speaks on his film adaptation obsession of english novels

Director Vishal Bhardwaj has been a major contributor to the changing cinema of the Bollywood industry. Vishal has created his new genre through films like Omkara, Maqbool, Hyder. These days his series Charlie Chopra has a lot of discussion. This series of adepts specializes in adaptation is also based on a novel by Agatha Christie. 

Maqbool...Omkara...Hyder...The inclination of the giant weight ways that have made films has always been about adaptation. When we wanted to know about love about their adoption, Vishal says in response, the story made in it is found. I just have to find my setting... The characters have to make their own. So much is written.. There are so many great stories... I focus on the work I get. I direct well, I do well to adapt stories, write scripts well, write dialogs too well.. So the work of adaptation becomes easier for me. I'm a little lazy man.

Why choose Agatha Christie's story for Charlie Chopra 

Vishal says, a Who Done It is a genre, in which a murder takes place. A lot of Suspects are present at that place and any of them has killed. I always find this genre interesting. The queen of this genre, Agatha Christie.. I have always found his stories interesting. This is his expressed genre. I have read his stories since childhood. I have been his fan. Never thought that I would be able to connect his work with me like this. 

If Vishal had given this series the film look, how would the casting have been? In response, Vishal says, I would make films with these casts. I find these castings accurate. My pleasure is that in a very short time all the actors agreed to the film. If I make a film on it in Future, these will be the actors.

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