After jharkhand student suicide in kota paswa president raised these questions on coaching centers and teachers

Kota: 'Coaching centers are instigating for suicide by showing false dreams', after the death of a student of Jharkhand, said Paswa president

Jharkhand Private Schools and Children Welfare Association ( Paswa ) State President Alok Kumar has spoken on mobile with the mother of the deceased girl's changed name ( in Richa ) Kota. He said that the mother of the crying girl said that the girl who was sent to Kota to build a future has been cremated in Kota and immersed bones in Delhi.

Students in Rajasthan's Kota are not taking names of suicide cases. Students are still putting their lives at stake after several attempts. The latest case is the 16-year-old Richa of Jharkhand ( Changed Name ). Richa had braided suicide on 13 September. After Richa's death, Jharkhand Private Schools and Children Welfare Association ( Paswa ) State President Alok Kumar Dubey has blamed the coaching institutes behind the students' suicide.

Alok Kumar Dubey said that coaching institutions are making children commit suicide by making unnecessary pressure of studies by showing a false dream of becoming a doctor-engineer. To increase the business, school children of 8th and 9th class are also being cheated in the name of becoming doctors and engineers. Suicide of Ranchi Namkum's baby girl in Kota is a complete participation of the Coaching Institute. 

Richa's mother described her pain crying

Paswa president has spoken to Richa's mother on mobile. Alok Kumar said that the mother of the crying baby girl said that the girl who was sent to Kota to build the future, was cremated in Kota and immersed the bones in Delhi Has.

Coaching institutions create pressure on children: Jharkhand Pradesh Pa.S.Wa. director

Alok Kumar said that keeping in view the pressure of studies in children on the one hand, the government should formulate policies every day to reduce the pressure of studies under the new education policy While these coaching institutes are trying to create unnecessary pressure of competition from each other by creating unnecessary pressure of course in children. For this reason, in the quota in the last days, the government had also banned all the tests taken in the name of competition by the coaching institute. In fact, if viewed carefully, the rate of success from these coaching institutions is zero percent. Whatever children succeed, they succeed with their own hard work.

Questions also raised on quota coaching teachers

The second most important thing is that there is no degree of imperative for the teachers of these coaching institutions, Therefore, teachers of most coaching institutions also lack academic degrees. Many times matriculation and inter pass teachers are seen studying children in these coaching institutions. State President Alok Kumar Dubey said that the degree criteria for these coaching institutions should be prepared for their teachers and the government should also examine the degree of their teachers needed.

'Coaching institutions have made Jharkhand a pasture'

Alok Dubey said that the coaching institute only does business. The businessmen running the coaching institute across the country are leaving their broker in Jharkhand and enroll in their institute as soon as they pass 10th For the sake of, not only this, since class 9, coaching institutions take children under their control. Paswa president said that because of coaching institutions, not a single child becomes a medical or engineer, children who become medical engineers are of sharp intelligence since childhood, With their hard work and dedication, children pass the medical, engineer and UPSC exams. Coaching institutions have made Jharkhand a pasture, they have nothing to do with writing studies. Jharkhand Sarkar made manuals for the immediate coaching institutions, the time of school operations should not run from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm, 10 percent attendance in children's schools should be ensured.


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